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Custom Bras in Custom Sizes

Your body is one-of-a-kind, so shouldn't your bra also be unique? Cathy Dougherty, the owner and certified bra fitter of OmaBra wants to assist you in selecting the perfect bra to support and accentuate the shape of your body.


The Custom Fit Bras, that were formerly known as the "Cameo", "Figurette", "Colesce" and "Jeunique" brands, are ideal for eliminating breast pain during exercise as well as back and underarm "fat bumps". The manufacturer has over 30 patents on their unparalleled support system used with our most popular Lace and Satin with Lace styles.  With over 250 sizes available between a 28B and a 56N, with or without straps, we can provide the perfect bra for almost anyone.

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Truly custom fits

  • Get your waistline back

  • Eliminate unwanted tissue bumps

  • Some Alterations available 'in store'

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