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A True Believer in Custom-Fit Bras

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The owner of OmaBra, Cathy Dougherty, is a true believer in custom-fit bras. As a certified bra fitter, she has an in-depth understanding of the best bra styles and sizes for any woman’s build. She has been Omaha’s premier option for custom bras for the past 16 years.


Our locally owned and operated business is located on the west side of Benson. OmaBra offers a diverse selection of custom-fit bras, wedding bras, formal occasion bras, maternity and nursing bras, and swimwear bras in various cup sizes ranging from 28B to 52N.

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I have been fitting custom fit bras for 16 years, I've been wearing them for 17 years.  I won't sell anything that I don't believe in and I back up everything that I sell.

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